Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm someone who treasures old friendships. If you and I knew each other in grade school, I promise I'll be the most faithful friend ever. If we were pals twenty years ago and lost touch and we re-connect, I'm a pal forever.
Which reminds me of a funny story. I met a guy a while back who was born in the same hospital at the same time as I was. His mother and mine were in labor together. He insisted since we knew each other from the womb we were destined for each other. (There's a new line for you! Ha!)
I hold friendships very close to my heart, and it's probably because I'm a public person and people tend to come and go in my life. My dear friend Becky, for example, who was my best friend when we were raising our children will always be precious to my heart, and we're close to this day.  My dear friend Judy, who was my friend when I was in Bible college in Chicago, remains one of my closest friends, as well as so many others, like Doris, who has remained close through all the years, and Lorraine who I love like a sister ever since we met at Moody Bible Institute--  
And just yesterday I reuinited with a beloved friend from my days in New York City as an aspiring actress. Peggy was, and is, a jazz singer and we were best friends while we were working our way to the "top."  When I got married I decided to leave show business, and I lost touch with Peggy. What a fantastic blessing from God to bring us together again.  She loves the Lord and I feel so honored to have such a long-lasting and endearing friendship. 
I love new friendships too, of course-- and must warn you, if you're a new friend-- you better get used to me because I take friendship seriously.  If I call you "friend" you'll be forever important to me.
And by the way, the guy who said we knew each other from the womb? He married one of my best friends from high school.