Monday, June 21, 2010

With or Without a Daddy

Father's Day is  a big day for us, would you believe it, being we have no fathers in our lives?  My father was tragically killed in a train accident a few years back, and I have wonderful memories of him, a hard and tough Sicilian who was adored by many, and dearly loved by my mom and us kids.  It's a huge loss in our lives.   Then came my own little personal tragedy with divorce, so my kids haven't had a grandpa or a dad to make cards for, or buy presents for on Fathers Day.  I raised them alone with no child support or alimony (child support? heavens, what's that?)  and miraculously, we've made it on our own. 
So now every Fathers Day my daughter sends me Fathers Day cards and I receive Fathers Day love and gifts.  It sounds funny, I know, and we have a good laugh over it, but thank the Lord, my children show me their appreciation and love in so many creative ways.  I could never be a daddy, of course, but I've tried to be the best mommy I could be.   So we celebrate Mothers Day AND Fathers Day in our family, with our Heavenly Father as our Divine Daddy. 
Here's a Happy Fathers Day to you dads out there every day of your lives.  Be a great dad.  Some of us never knew you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Great Shaking

We had an earthquake here last night and it's the talk of the day today.  People get understandably quite shook up (little pun there) when earthquakes strike.  There was no serious damage done and no injuries reported, but an earthquake is a scary thing.  I've been in tornadoes, floods and storms at sea-- and now earthquakes.  We're always hearing about the Big One coming.  We receive regular warnings and advice on what to do when the Big One hits. 
Once I was in a flash flood in the mountains and I had to out-run it which was a pretty amazing contest.  Another time I was snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea when a huge storm hit.  I had to outswim it to an underwater cave where I huddled and paddled until rescued.  But you can't outrun or outswim or outmaneuver an earthquake.  When the earth jolts and jerks beneath you, all you can do is run for cover.  And pray. 
But here's the thing:  we can't wait for the storm to hit before we pray.  Prayer warriors have been praying and interceding about the Big One for years.  I believe the oil spill in our Gulf will be contained not only because of the prayers going up now, but because those waters have been prayed over and blessed by believers for years.  God is faithful, and we must declare Psalms 91 over our homes, our land, our waters, and our air.  We need to release blessing and the glory of God into the atmosphere.  And we need to do it now!  Are you feeling the same urgency as I am? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Great Awakening

     I've just returned from our H.I.M. Leaders and Ministers' conference, and I feel like I've just been through a spiritual tornado. I've been in natural tornados and experienced the uprooting of trees and concrete sidewalks, the ripping off rooftops and the utter devastation of a landscape, but this was a tornado of a different sort. It was spiritual, quiet and deep. There were no flashes of lightning, no dripping oil, no feathers or gold dust this time, but we received a powerful impartation of the reality of God.

      Jack Hayford and Peter Wagner shared on the power of intercessory prayer. Now I've been an intercessor for years. I teach on intercession and I train intercessors. But the Holy Spirit took me to a new level of understanding as I entered into the spirit realm to learn more of what God is doing on the earth today. I believe if we, as intercessors, will see into the spirit realm and discern the tactics of demonic assignments, we will reach into the mind of the Holy Spirit and receive the prayer strategies to overcome and prevail for the purpose of the glory of God in each situation. Not all of us are called to the ministry of intercession, but I believe we are each called to intercessory prayer. 
     I found it interesting at this conference for leaders, ministers and missionaries from around the world that most of us took copious notes as each speaker ministered.  I sat between two pastors and their wives, and they each took notes as fast as their pens could write. Of course, I was madly taking notes, too. No matter how many years we serve God, we are always and forever students of the Word. I've observed that the most powerful ministers I've known are true humble students of the Word. Always learning, always growing, always reaching higher and higher into the heart and will of God. It's so beautiful.
     Cindy Jacobs ministered to us and I bought a couple of her books. I'm reading her book on prophecy, and I thank the Lord for her. She has been with us in the past, but this time I felt something entirely new coming from her. James Goll talked about NOW being the time of a Great Awakening. James sobs as he talks, and you can feel the throbbing Presence of Lord. I'm telling you, the incomprehensible loving heart of God longs to embrace and bless us with His goodness and His tender mercies. I sense Him reaching out to us, calling with so much love-- He is our Perfect Guide , the lover of our souls. The time is now. The time to wake up is now.