Friday, March 26, 2010

New book

  I'm starting work on a new book and I'm consumed with it.  Even after writing over 20 books  and countless stories, articles, reveiws, etc., I approach each new project like something rare and precious-- like a holy stranger I need to get to know.  I love the challenge of thinking in terms of language, nuance, implication... the wonder of words, of creating a world on the page.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out on the water...

Yesterday I went kayaking, and out on the water with nothing but sea and sky, the sound of the wind and the waves-- it was a taste of heaven.   Kayaking can be hard work, though; your arms are constantly rowing, steering, guiding the kayak through the sometimes resistant, choppy sea water.  I couldn't help but think, on our way back to the boat launch, as I pushed and pulled that oar, how all things of value require hard work.  From sports to marriage, all things of value require hard work, even pain. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's In Us

I taught a seminar this week about the power within us and it surprised me how many people were stunned at the thought that there was a supernatural power and energy inside us connecting us to eternity.  The people wanted to know how this worked and I explained Jesus is the way to God.  Jesus? they asked.  "--But isn't that narrow minded of God?"  I explained that God made it easy for us to grasp His loving plan for us  since Jesus Christ is the only one to fulfill all the Older Testament prophecies about a Messiah to come, to die and be raised from the dead in three days, walk the earth , raise the dead, heal the sick, and send us His spirit to live in us ... I gave a very basic biblical reasoning.  I absolutely love to talk to people about God-- but sometimes, guess what.  Sometimes I meet up with hearts like ice-- they just cannot be penetrated.  I've kissed dead saints in their coffins goodbye, and I tell you, talking with these living souls with deadened hearts is like the kiss of the coldness of death.   I praise the Lord for those whose hearts open like sunshine to the glorious presence and power of God, in our Savior Jesus, but I grieve for those who wait at the sidelines in their dark tombs of doubt.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You are Vast

I wonder if we really realize how huge we are in this universe.  We live our lives as best we can, day by day, and yet there is a hugeness  in us I wonder if we're aware of.  I minister across the country and in other nations as well, and I meet up with so many people who don't recognize the power, beauty, and vastness within them as followers of Jesus Christ.  In my last blog I talked about the problems that weariness or sleep deprivation can bring about-- but no matter what condition we're in, we are always vast within!  The Holy Spirit can be quenched, but not extinguished in His children.  As much of the Presence of God we are willing to inhabit is as much of His glory we will release into the world.