Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Summer

So much to love about summer.  Of course, you probably feel that about every season.  I do, too, yet I tend to love best the season I'm currently in.  It's like when people ask me which of my books are my favorite and I have to answer, that my favorite is the one I'm writing.  There's just something about summer, its silent heat, its sweet fruits-- the ting of the water as you dive in the pool or lake or ocean--   the choir of crickets at night...  I love it all.  Tank tops and shorts, sandals and suntan lotion, the world abloom, the smell of cut grass, my dog leaping with joy across the field when I toss his ball... Can we be so blessed?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July, a Big Smile Month

I always think of the month of July as a celebratory month, maybe because of the 4th and the flush of summer, I don't know. For so many years I spent my summers in summer school socking in the college and graduate school credits, and now I look around awed at the bright and happy bloom of a summer July without a backpack of homework, and no student papers to grade as a teacher.  It's amazing what the sweet aroma of grass, planting soil, cypress, rose and  lily become when pressure and stress aren't present.   I'm working on a new book and when the swath of deep green, eucalyptus, palm and pine smiles at me from my window I breathe  a quiet "thanks" to God for this sweet month sandwiched in between a misty June and a broiling August.   Swimming is probably my best sport and July creates ideal water temperatures for the swimmer.  I went diving (snorkeling) in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy in July,  the sun delicious overhead, the water shimmering clear, the world beneath the surface of the sea a treasure of colorful creatures and rock formations.  The Minnesota lakes come alive in July and the California coast
brightens as though invited to a grand party, God's party.  It's God's July, a brilliant opportunity to thank Him, shout hallelujah and smile.  It's July. We've been through some hard times, but we're still here and we're smiling.