Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have this dream to live in the woods as a monastic -- at least for a few months.  Me, God, and the woods.  As soon as I finish the book I'm writing now, I think I'll head for the woods.
I live a contempletive life pretty much now anyhow, studying Benedict's Rule and living a life of prayer, contending for others, nations, etc. etc.. 
The book I'm writing now is with Miles McPherson, who's picture is posted on the sidebar of this blog-- Former NFL football player, he's an amazing man of God, full of zeal and a dynamic preacher.  He pastors the mega church here in San Diego called Rock Church.  I'm pretty much sealed into this book because of our deadline.  It's about IM AGE.  (Do you love it?)   My work days never end until the wee hours of the morning, and that's fine because the Benedictines rise at 3 a.m. for prayer and I can join them right here from my writing sudio. (does that count for discipline? eh eh)
The writing life is not very glamorous, but I consider the life truly blessed.  Just me, God and the computer (and in this case, just me, God, the computer and Miles McPherson -- haha)  
"Monastic spirituality calls us to see everything and everyone - including ourselves - as holy. The tools of the kitchen and the office are to be regarded as sacred vessels. The places in our heart where we wrestle are to be embraced with kindness. The person who irritates us or makes us feel fearful is a window into how God is at work in our lives. Being a monk in the world means that there are no more divisions between sacred and secular."

 Big Jesus hug,