Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Summer

So much to love about summer.  Of course, you probably feel that about every season.  I do, too, yet I tend to love best the season I'm currently in.  It's like when people ask me which of my books are my favorite and I have to answer, that my favorite is the one I'm writing.  There's just something about summer, its silent heat, its sweet fruits-- the ting of the water as you dive in the pool or lake or ocean--   the choir of crickets at night...  I love it all.  Tank tops and shorts, sandals and suntan lotion, the world abloom, the smell of cut grass, my dog leaping with joy across the field when I toss his ball... Can we be so blessed?


  1. Hello! I am so happy to find your blog! I JUST finished exercising to your 1983 'Blessercize' video!

    My favorite season is FALL....summer in Texas is extremely HOT! There are blessings in each and every season though!

    Blessings to YOU on this July day!

  2. Wow, Linda! I am so glad you are working out! I'm preparing a new video with moe stretching and working those muscles!! God bless you!