Wednesday, November 25, 2009

#3 Heaven-sent

Amazing, isn't it?-- how we can come to a day of Thanksgiving with more trepidation that enthusiasm?  I teach in a college where my students speak of Thanksgiving as an obligatory drudgery.  And today I talked to Christians who are worried and stress-ridden about sharing the day with non-believers.  OhOh, Beloved, when do we get to be happy?  When do we get to have fun?  When do we get to lay down the burdens of wrestling with a negative world? 

Something has happened to me since I was in the Chicago and Wisconsin area a few weeks ago ministering-it's a sort of inner wha-hoo thing--  and I've been recording new brief meditations all about it which I'll share with you... called RadioMarie ...   What a glorious thing the love of God is.  (Please stay with me on my website -- )
Listen, whoever you are, enjoy this year's Thanksgiving.  I've spent a few of them alone separated from anything that remotely smacks of love or family (those things we associate with the Holidays)--  and I've also spent some of them with people I don't know-- ah, here's a question for you.  Which would you choose?  To be alone or to be with people who don't care about you?
My point is, we create our own Thanksgiving.  I hurl myself before the King of Kings in the utmost gratitude and thankfulness for His love, His goodness, His sweet, sweet Presence--   There is nothing on this earth as happy as celebrating all things with the Lord.  Happy Thanksgiving.   And I mean it.


  1. Ahh Thank you sister for the encouragement to look to Jesus and shine for Him...Blessings and Thankfullness to you and our Awesome Heavenly Father. Love, Kathy Lang

  2. Wow! Thank you so much, I've often chosen to be alone rather than to be with people who don't care and have considered myself odd. Holidays are a letdown unless the Lord is in them. He makes all things new and exciting. Happy Thanksgiving, Marie and all who read this.

  3. God bless you, Donna. He loves to bless you.

  4. Isn't it beautiful to be so loved, Kathy? Thanks for writing to me.