Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Running Toward Something Big

Ever get the feeling you're on the way somewhere in your life, but you don't know where?  As a practicing psychotherapist I talked with people every day about the direction of their lives and the conditions that feed into the  loss of focus and purposes.  I don't believe we need a personal trauma to feel a sense of futility.  In today's world depression is as common as apple pie-- in fact, moreso.  More people suffer depression now than in the last 20 years.  A contributing factor to depression is change and fear of the unknown.  The world itself is radically changing.  I'm finding in my own life that many things (places, people, situations) I've counted on as reliable and steadfast are now either removed or radically changed.  How to handle the changes and losses we face?  As for me, I challenge myself DAILY to enter a place of inner stillness and breathe in the sweetness of God.  I reject all aspects of fear in order to  feel the overwhelming sense of love and  stability.  The love of God never changes.   I believe with all my heart that if you love God you're heading for the greatest hour of your life.  The greatness that is you have hardly even begun.  It is vital to keep our eye on the truth and to "cast down imaginations [fears, worries] and every high thing tht exalts itself against the knowledge of God , bringimg into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (2Cor 10:4-5). 
What a privilege!           


  1. Hi Marie
    I am just back from Austin Tx...what a whirlwind!
    I see you are going to be in Chicago... is there any chance of getting together? Would love to see you.

  2. Yes, Becky. Definitely! It's a packed schedule, but we'l figure something out!