Friday, March 26, 2010

New book

  I'm starting work on a new book and I'm consumed with it.  Even after writing over 20 books  and countless stories, articles, reveiws, etc., I approach each new project like something rare and precious-- like a holy stranger I need to get to know.  I love the challenge of thinking in terms of language, nuance, implication... the wonder of words, of creating a world on the page.  

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  1. First - thank you for your faithfulness in writing what we need to hear. I loved your book "Of whom the world was not worthy". My question is about another book, "Help Me Remember Help Me Forget". Do you know anything about Robert Sadler's recording of worship songs? It had songs like "Come and Dine" and "Precious Lord Take My Hand". Any info on how I can get a hold of that would be such a blessing! Thank you again for your writing!
    Nicky Story