Monday, June 21, 2010

With or Without a Daddy

Father's Day is  a big day for us, would you believe it, being we have no fathers in our lives?  My father was tragically killed in a train accident a few years back, and I have wonderful memories of him, a hard and tough Sicilian who was adored by many, and dearly loved by my mom and us kids.  It's a huge loss in our lives.   Then came my own little personal tragedy with divorce, so my kids haven't had a grandpa or a dad to make cards for, or buy presents for on Fathers Day.  I raised them alone with no child support or alimony (child support? heavens, what's that?)  and miraculously, we've made it on our own. 
So now every Fathers Day my daughter sends me Fathers Day cards and I receive Fathers Day love and gifts.  It sounds funny, I know, and we have a good laugh over it, but thank the Lord, my children show me their appreciation and love in so many creative ways.  I could never be a daddy, of course, but I've tried to be the best mommy I could be.   So we celebrate Mothers Day AND Fathers Day in our family, with our Heavenly Father as our Divine Daddy. 
Here's a Happy Fathers Day to you dads out there every day of your lives.  Be a great dad.  Some of us never knew you.


  1. I Love You which daughter did you train to run?

    what are their names? Which daughter is which?

    from? carly in Chicago

  2. Hi Marie
    This is the second father's day I have spent without dad now. I was so blessed to have him, such as he was :) as long as I did. He has left a huge hole, as did your father. I remember the day your dad died. I was with your mother along with Elenor, mom and my grandmother. We were all out to lunch and the call came which Elenore took, she was gone throughout lunch. When she came back of course we left, she was visible upset and your mother kept comforting her not knowing the circumstances. It has been a day I will never forget but how good God is, he makes the path ahead knowing what there lies. I had been home all that week when dad passed but I left the day before to get back to some business I had to take care of and was planning on returning in 2 days. The day before was Sunday and dad had a small group for church along with Jack Jacobson who annointed him with oil and we all prayed over him. Dad preached that day as weak as he was, his word was always the Love of God and to just love the Father. When I kissed him goodbye the next morning to leave I didn't know it would be my last for awhile but he told me he loved me and thanked me for all that I do. He really never woke up after that and died the next evening. I thought you should know as you were such a part of his life too.
    We share so much and I appreciate you
    PS Sorry this got so long

  3. Marie, I did not know you had 2 daughters. They are blessed and precious.

    Irma Pacheco
    Oceanside, CA

  4. My earthly dad walked away when I was two. I had no memories of him at all. I found him when I turned 18, thinking there would be some fairy tale ending, but that was hardly realistic. God has blessed both of my parents with long life but we do not share a relationship with Jesus or each other. Fathers Day and Mothers Day are empty of meaning right now. But God is working in my life to show me how big, trustworthy and loving He is so perhaps I should follow your suggestion and celebrate those formerly empty holidays with Him. Thank you.

  5. Dear ones, we certainly share our love and need for fathers. I can only praise the Lord that He meets our need. Donna, I totally understand what you say, and I'm thankful God is showing you your Real Daddy. Becky, I am just so moved by your message, esp. re. my mom. I'll email you. And thank you, Irma & Shari, for your kind comments re. my daughters-- not very good pictures of us, but it was a fun Mothers Day that day & I thought I'd share. Christa, on the end is the runner. Liza in the middle.
    Love, Marie

  6. February 1,2004 my dad went home to be with the Lord. I do miss him and Father's day is just another Sunday for me. But I am so glad that I have a relationship with Abba Father!