Monday, September 27, 2010

     Who is a heroine?  As much as I'm impressed with Joan of Arc if I had a choice I'd probably choose to hang out with Mother Teresa.   And if you had a choice of who to live next door to-- Queen Esther,  Mother Angelica or Joyce Meyer, who do you think you'd run over to borrow a cup of sugar from?  Which one would answer the door, or invite you in for a cup of tea?  And if  you had a choice of who to sit next to on an airplane, would it be Amy Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman or Wendy Alec?  Which one would share her chips with you, engage in a conversation, ask about your family?  And if you had a serious problem you needed help with, which Bible character would you like to sit down with you?--  Miriam, the sister of Moses;  Sarah, the wife of Abraham; Mary Magdelene, or Priscilla?   Who do think could be a true gal pal or your best friend?--  Deborah, Elizabeth, Heidi Baker, Sarah Palin?
     I think of the famous women of faith who have made their mark in history and I wonder how many of them would want to know me.  When you name your favorite Bible heroine, do you think she'd want to  be your friend?  We admire them, but do you think she would admire us?  Is our favorite Bible heroine the kind of woman who would care about our lives as much as her own?
     How about our contemporaries?  I have the privilege of knowing and spending time with some of our most well-known female leaders, and there certain qualities they each share.  One: they're busy.  (It's a given.  Famous people are busy.)  Two:  they're vitally concerned with their own ministry and calling.  Three:  they're anointed with favor.  I could add a fourth quality because I've observed those who are the most genuine and pure-hearted in their life and work are blessed with a godly wisdom that is really wonderful. and refreshing.  I love being around people who are kind, caring and also wise.
     I'm truly thankful to know great women of faith who are not world famous, but who are huge influences in my life.  My personal Bible favorites like Deborah and Ruth, brave women, are treasured in my heart, but the true heroines in my life are my friends, the ones who pray for me, love me and actually care about me, my life, my family, my calling.  These are the ones I appreciate, want to honor and celebrate the most. 
     Being on the stage performing in plays and musicals is a wonderful career, but when the curtain comes down there needs to be a true friend waiting in the wings to walk home with.  When I was in the theatre I found that friend in the Lord Jesus, my true hero.  In every woman whom I consider a heroine I will always see His face, hear His heartbeat, and rejoice in the beauty of His presence.


  1. Beautifully said, Marie... as always

  2. I have regrets that there were amazing women close-by and far off that influenced my life and I never took the time to write a thank you note. Corrie Ten Boom, Hannah Hurnard, Barbara Johnson and Catherine Marshall to name a few of the more famous. I took for granted the sacrifices they made to show me Jesus through their books. I have seen Jesus through your books and CD's many times, Marie. Thank you so much.

  3. Yes, I know what you mean, Donna Marie-- me too. I don't think we realize how important those little notes of encouragement are. They are so uplifting and gratifying-- we all need them. God bless you!