Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've been travelling this past weekend-- and I've seen enough of airplanes and airports to last me at least two weeks (when I travel again)--  I have been working off-and-on at a collection of travel stories and one of them deals with the way people eat when away from home.  Have you ever noticed the truck loads of junk food in airports and the hoards of people gobbling it up?  I wonder if we don't just lose our minds when we're between two points.  It's somewhat the same when when we're on vacation.  (not that I'm EVER on vacation!  I'm not sure what that means--)  But I've noticed when I'm in a town speaking or when tourists come to our town, anything goes in the food department.  "Pass the junk, I'm temporarily insane,"  seems to be the credo.  I can usually tell the locals because they're the ones eating salads and no dessert.  The tourists are packing away the deep fried fish and mud pie. 
I had long airport delays and lay-overs this trip, and when I realized I had to eat something I found myself in that vacant-head mode and ordered food I simply NEVER eat.  (I'm a sort of a quasi-health food guru-- you know, the carrot-carrying party-poop with celery in her ears and everything organic and whole grain?--)  So there I am in the Travers City airport with three hours to kill and I'm eating cherry pie.  (The last time I ate cherry pie was probably when I was four.)  I had to run to  find a mirror to see if I was the same person.   I had a sudden craving for french fries and I noticed everyone around me was wolfing in unhealthy, greasy, sugary, gluey food too-- faces empty, eyes stuck to screens of past football games on the many TV monitors.  I tell you, travel is not just about getting from here to there, it's about maintaining a sense of self and purpose.  I said no to the french fries, bought a bottle of water (a 10cent bottle of water is $3.49 in airports-- don't get bitter)  and found a seat in the boarding area to work on my book.
The book I'm currently working on is a true story-- heart-wrenching and shocking.  I'll tell you all about it as soon as I'm nearing its completion.  Please pray for me-- send up a "Help her, Jesus" as I plug away on it.
Here's sending you love and health and good choices--

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  1. I love true stories as you tell them...For Whom the World is not Worthy is tops on my list.
    I am excited to read another of yours.
    I have felt the mom in For Whom to be one of my mentors, esp. in the ways of prayer.
    Thank you for writing that book, and sharing their stories!