Friday, February 4, 2011


I read a survey taken recently to see which cities in the USA were the most well-read.  Guess what the two top cities were.  -- New York City and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This just confirms my personal theory that when the weather is bad we tend to become more cerebral.  Blizzards and snow storms inspire us to read, to study, to learn something.  At least that's my thought. (I wonder if the bookstores and libraries are packed with readers now that these winter storms are hurtling about the nation.)  Me, a transplanted Minnesotan/New Yorker, to live in Southern California where it doesn't snow, I find it amazing at the huge number of readers I encounter.  With the beach calling and the surf boards glistening, there are still vast numbers of readers curled up in well-lighted corners with a book.  Granted, we're surrounded by colleges and universities and book clubs on every corner, but isn't it something that  in a part of the country known mainly for its year-round tans and Mexican food that people are reading?

I like to read after dinner and before bed.  The only problem with that is if I'm really engaged in a book, I'll read into the wee hours and my schedule will become skewed.  The other night I was re-reading THE EMANCIPATION OF ROBERT SADLER, and when I looked up, it was 5:30 in the morning!  (And it's not just because I wrote the book either!  Ha)  BTW, The book is coming out again next January, and I couldn't be happier. This story has to be heard again.

 As a writer, I read all the time, of course.  I read for the sheer love of words.  One book that kept me up late is THROUGH IT ALL HE WAS THERE by Sharon Libby, who writes about her life in a wheelchair as a post-polio victim.  She's a friend and a beautiful person, and I highly recommend her book.  You can order it directly from Sharon at 

I hope we meet in a book!  I love hearing from you.
Love, Marie


  1. Hi Marie, I love reading also. I read 'The Emancipation of Robert Sadler' & was engrossed from start to finish. I think it should be a movie. Keep writing Marie, God has given you an amazing gift.
    God bless,
    Teresa Ziino

  2. I've read "Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy" numerous times, another excellent book. May I recommend a series by Lynn Austin, Chronicles of the Kings- it's a 5 part series that covers the Old Testament kings Ahaz, Hezekiah and Manasseh. Perhaps more blog readers can recommend other good Christian novels as well.

  3. Good idea, LLillemo. I'll check out those Chronicles!
    God bless you, and a big God bless you to you, Teresa! Love, Marie

  4. Dear Sweet Marie:
    God sure works in mysterious ways. I just finished working on our Mission's Conference at church and decided to google my name which I haven't done for months and all of a sudden I saw that you mentioned my book on your website. As you can only imagine, my heart skipped a beat. To say thank you isn't nearly enough; but, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU have always been an inspiration to me. It's because of YOUR book, MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS, is what made me think about writing my life's story. I still have the copy you autographed for me and the one that you autographed for my mom after you interviewed us for that book. Who would have ever guessed, so many years ago, that God had this all in His perfect plan. We serve a mighty God. May God continue to reach people through your great writings.
    Blessings, Sharon Libby