Friday, February 18, 2011


I always tell my kids on the way to school or wherever, "Have a sweet Jesus day," and then at the end of the day I ask them, "Did you have a sweet Jesus day?"  In the morning, "Did you have a sweet Jesus sleep?"
Do you know, they have never, ever answered No.  It's always Yes.  Never No.
I've come to the conclusion it is just impossible to have a bad Jesus day.  I mean, when you've been blessed and prayed over and loved into the Kingdom, how can the day be "bad?"  Well, that's not to say we have no trials or troubles, but a sweet Jesus day takes the sting out of trouble, takes the ouch out of sorrow or pain.
I've just finished writing a book about the most extreme suffering I've ever heard of in an American family, and yet I can see the sweet Jesus day occuring in their lives through it all.  (I'll tell you more about this book in later blogs)  I'm also preparing "The Emancipation of Robert Sadler" for re-publication, and working on that book with its horrors of slavery is utterly wipe-outsville, and my tears are rusting out my keyboard-- yet again, through it all, there's a Sweet Jesus Day.  Victory, joy and the power of overcoming and prevailing in Christ Jesus.
So have a sweet Jesus day, dear one-- and when you sleep tonight have a sweet Jesus sleep.
You're very much loved.
Love, Marie


  1. Hi Marie
    I have had 2 sweet Jesus weeks in Az with my sister and mom. Now that I am home it will be nice to rest a little in the arms of Jesus and my family.
    Wish we could have connected but maybe next time.
    I am busy getting ready for the spring workshops.
    I have a little something for you... will you fb or email your address to me.
    Love you

  2. Becky, I'm so glad you had time with your mom and Cindy-- how precious! I'll be in Chicago area again in April for meetings. Let's connect!
    love always, marie
    Sweet Jesus Friendship!

  3. When all world measures say you are lousy and worthless, a sweet Jesus day remind you that even when you make bad choices, He will help you learn from them . He still loves you and makes sure you remember how perfectly and wonderfully you are made.

  4. Yes, Shari! Yes! And the Lord turns to GOOD that which the devil meant for evil or harm -- and then you discover that favor is yours from the world, too! Oh, the power of His love!
    God bless you! marie