Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you love the rain?

"Work but don't forget to live," someone said. Well, isn't that the silliest statement --  Jesus came to give us life and more abundantly. I love that. In work and in play we have life abundant. I work therefore I live, haha.
I'm working on a new book series -- fiction.  I haven't concentrated on fiction since my novel, "I Love You Like a Tomato" was published.   Nothing like writing to the sound of rain on the roof, rain dripping down windows -- I'm writing to the sound of rain. Do you love the rain? I don't mean the torrential sort, the damaging storms, I mean the rain like what's outside my window now, steady, cool, silvery --  You can almost hear the call of Heathcliff across the moor --or the merry songs of Brigadoon-- Rain and poetry seem to go together.
Thoreau liked the rain because it beat down the mosquitos. -Not too poetic.
Charlie Chaplin said he liked the rain because it hid his tears. Crying in the rain actually isn't such a bad thing. It washes our face at the same time. Much poetry is born in tears.  Why not be creative with our tears?
Rain makes me happy. Makes me grateful to be alive.
If you go on a happy family vacation and it rains all week at the beach,  what you remember in time is not the rain but the rainbow.
Thought for the day: Without rain there's be no rainbow.

Love & hugs & John 10:10

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