Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back home

Wow.  All flights canceled from Washington D.C. because of the huge show storm.  Makes me wonder if weather rules the world.  (We know better, of course, but nevertheless it's daunting. )  The airport in DC was chaos beyond anything I've seen a long time-- not since the ice storms in Vermont a few years ago when I was in graduate school trying to get home.  Newscasters are warning to watch the weight on our roofs, stay off roads, load up on groceries. I was at the Prayer Breakfast in D/C. where Obama gave his little talk, nothing like we had hoped, and Hillary carried on-as keynote- first time for me to hear Hillary in person.  She is the definitive political speaker, let me tell you.  Warm, personal, funny, and for me, as the writer with a spiritual eye-- totally phoney.  Like the president's talk.  Something is wrong at the top, friends, terribly wrong.  At the congressinal dinners and luncheons I attended I met men and women in office who are scrupulous and reputable  people of integrity-- but if you';ve never been a person of prayer for our nation, let me sound the alarm-- now is the time.  Pray for our leaders.  PRAY. 


  1. I love how you put that Marie, The Writer with the Spiritual Eye, Sounds like the title of a book... I have never been much on politics but the current state of affairs has been heavy on my heart the past year. Last week I was reading proverbs 26:23-28 and what you just described is what came to mind as I read it...I was glad to hear you say this as it confirms to me that my spiritual eyes are seeing 20/20 and that I am not being judgemental. I always ask the Lord to either confirm or chasten me.
    one Highlight verse 25: Though his speech is charming do not believe him...
    It is alarming how taken some of my family members are by this man. Yes PRAY PRAY PRAY for our leaders!!!
    as always Marie much love and blessing to you and your ministry.

  2. Right you are, Shelli. Prayer is the key, the big key. We have dedicated men and women in congress and the senate who need our prayers and blessing-- If we were to mobilize and pray for this nation and its leaders I believe we'd see an unprecedented outpouring of God's Spirit on the land.
    Loving you back, Marie

  3. ...Marie, I will dedicate Tuesdays as a day of prayer and fasting to lift up those who you describe as needing our prayers and blessings. Maybe others can dedicate a certain day or time so that we are in constant vigil. As you posted on facebook there is a mighty spiritual battle going on in the heavenlies. We know that this requires continued prayer, fasting and unity. Maybe a calendar could be posted so that others could dedicate a certain time or day for this. Those who would join me for this on Tuesdays Please let me know you are praying with me.
    One Nation under God, Lets keep it that way and mobilize as you say...
    Holy Hugs...

  4. Hi Marie
    So sorry you had such a hard time at the airport-I have been at the airports snowed in several times and it is no picnic.
    I have to tell you before dad died last year, he told me that Obama would win because he has the spirit of what is in the world today - that the stage is being set for what was prophesied in Rev. Dad said, be watchful and pray and most of all love the Father.
    Much love to you Marie, I am praying.

  5. I'll pray with you on Tuesdays Shelli. Agreed! We need to pray for all in charge, including our pastors.