Monday, February 1, 2010

Off to President's Prayer Breakfast in Washington

Did you notice the silk painting?  It's only a small section of one of my silk scarves and it's after Romans 12:21:  "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good," and entitled "Overcoming."  In a few hours I'll be flying to Washington D.C. for the President's Prayer Breakfast.  (Speaking ofovercoming!  We'll be praying up a storm.)  It's a three-day event with a National Leadership gathering as well.  There will be a congressional dinner and leadership luncheon besides the famous Breakfast with the Pres., as I like to call it.  I was a speaker for the event in '08, and it's quite spectacular with leaders and dignitaries from around the world.  It is a grave time for prayer for this world, not only our beautiful nation.  I learned more about the condition of the world (things the news media don't tell us) at the U.N. Prayer Summit a few months ago in New York.  As we gathered in those impressive chambers listening to leaders from around the world tell their stories it was most sobering.  Talk about a call for intercession!  I will  try to blog when I'm in Washingotn.  I understand the city is under 5 inches of snow.  This Minnesota girl will be right at home.  Please pray for me.  Are you telling anyone to join us on this blog?  I hope so! 


  1. Hi Marie, it is me the delighted one :) , Shelli, I will certainly keep you in my prayers. The scarf is very pretty... I have a link to your site on all my internet connections.
    as always lots of love to you...

  2. Hi Marie
    I have you in my prayers and also I put a button on my sidebar for your website-and I put your blog on my favorites. I have started a new blog called The Love of God, right now I have some of dads literature up - we will see what the Lord wants to do with it.
    I am so glad that you are involved with the workings of our gives me some peace to know that there is a spirit filled prayer section :)
    Blessings my friend

  3. Dear Marie,
    Please pray for our churches while you are there. This economy and the evil one is causing so much chaos in houses of worship.