Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's In Us

I taught a seminar this week about the power within us and it surprised me how many people were stunned at the thought that there was a supernatural power and energy inside us connecting us to eternity.  The people wanted to know how this worked and I explained Jesus is the way to God.  Jesus? they asked.  "--But isn't that narrow minded of God?"  I explained that God made it easy for us to grasp His loving plan for us  since Jesus Christ is the only one to fulfill all the Older Testament prophecies about a Messiah to come, to die and be raised from the dead in three days, walk the earth , raise the dead, heal the sick, and send us His spirit to live in us ... I gave a very basic biblical reasoning.  I absolutely love to talk to people about God-- but sometimes, guess what.  Sometimes I meet up with hearts like ice-- they just cannot be penetrated.  I've kissed dead saints in their coffins goodbye, and I tell you, talking with these living souls with deadened hearts is like the kiss of the coldness of death.   I praise the Lord for those whose hearts open like sunshine to the glorious presence and power of God, in our Savior Jesus, but I grieve for those who wait at the sidelines in their dark tombs of doubt.


  1. Hi Marie
    But isn't it God's choice? It is He who has chosen you, it is He who imparts His Spirit in those that He chooses... before the foundations of the earth. It just isn't their time yet Marie, maybe in the age to come. Bless God! Your work is such a blessing, I miss you and the fun we had.
    Blessings to you

  2. Yes, I agree, Becky-- it's true there's a timing. And sometimes it's not time yet. I've seen that so many times. Biblically, of course, it's God's desire is that we all come to Him. Praise God for His timing! (not to mention His mercy!) I can't help feeling terrible at the thought of life without Him.
    God bless you back, dear Becky! I miss you, too.