Wednesday, May 26, 2010

from the road...

Wow.  Chicagoland!  If you have been at any of the meetings this week you know what I mean by WOW.  One story I must share with you is about some photos that were taken at our all day SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL "Body Soul & Spirit" Conference.  Figures of angelic beings showed up in the photos and when the lady who took the photos brought them into Walgreens to have them developed the clerk at the counter saw them,  burst into a storm of tears and gave her heart to the Lord right there.  In all the meetings there have been wonderful healings (legs, knees, allergies, to name a few) and angels have been seen everywhere.  Last night two fire angels ministered behind me as I spoke (people told me they could see them) and it's been wonderful.  What I love so much is seeing God move among His people with His tender love and mercy.  I see His hand on people as He touches their lives healing, delivering, restoring, refreshing, and I am awed.  It is thrilling to be in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  It's thrilling to see the angelic realm rejoicing with us.  It's flat-out thrilling to belong to the Lord Jesus.   Let the miracles continue!


  1. Hello Dear Marie
    It was so good to see you and WOW is right. The seminar was wonderful and the Lord is moving, what a thrill! I was so happy to be able to go and I want to thank you so much for your faithfulness and friendship. Isn't it wonderful how two old (and I use that term in the dearest way) friends can just reconnect after so many years and it seems like only yesterday! The Lord has been speaking to me on so many levels since the conference and one of them is to go to CA on His time. If you have a Spirit school in the works or a time slot this summer or fall, pray about it and let me know. Another funny thing this morning as I was putting on my make up (the Lord always seems to talk to me then) I was praising him (it is better to do that now, as I look closely into the mirror) and thinking I just have no privacy with people coming and going in our household and the Lord said make a prayer room in the attic!!! I am so excited about my new project... he has already given me some cool inspiration on how it will look, I will be wallpapering the walls with the word! I am taking an old bible and putting it on the walls. Our Lord is so creative! I will be wrapped in His Word literally at the highest point in the Heavenlies!
    Blessings to you my dear friend!
    Love in Jesus

  2. Dear Marie,
    How wonderful the conference sounds! How I would
    have loved to be present! If you ever come to Melbourne, Australia I would go to your conference.Did you record it? If you did, I will buy a copy.
    Love in Jesus,
    Teresa Ziino

  3. Yes, Beloved Teresa, we recorded, and we'll be posting the CD's on the website. We are praying about coming to Australia to do conferences! I know it's a divine appointment, and God is opening the doors. Much love to you!

  4. Oh Becky, how beautiful your prayer room sounds. I created an Upper Room, as well, and it is very much like heaven. I simply loved seeing you, dearest girl. God is doing such great things in your life!

  5. Dear Sweet Marie:
    How wonderful to see God working through you and your ministry. To watch the wonders of our God is amazing and very powerful. Your trip to Chicago is a true witness to the power of our Heavenly Father and all His majesty! To God be the glory! Blessings, Sharon Libby
    P.S. I LOVE your new website!

  6. Where are the photos of the angels?