Monday, December 7, 2009

Broken Stuff

Big storm here in So. Cal.  Huge winds, rains, and the fence/wall  on my property just went down. 
I see trees down also.  So what happens when stuff gets broken?  Or destroyed?  I'm listening to the winds howling outside, the rains hammering down-- At my feet a dog lies snoozing away, happy and calm and without a care in the world.  If the house came down he'd be okay with sleeping under a tarp in the storm as long as he'd be with me.   If the dog can be without a care in the world while a screaming storm assails us breaking up the property, I can be at peace, too.  So it is with a tranquil heart I rail back at the storm and order it, as Jesus commanded His tempest, "Peace!  Be Still!"  

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