Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lighted Ecstasy

 I am very much liking the magical aspect of things lighted up.  Everyone likes light and brightness.  We're drawn to light, like moths-- like hurting souls longing for relief-- like children aching for the  Light of the world-- We're desperate for a light within.  Last night a friend took me to the Four Seasons and as I sat in awe in the midst of a panoramic lighted paradise, I recognized why we're drawn to spectacle-- and how much we need spectacle.  Aristotle listed spectacle as one of the 6 aspects of drama.  I remember when I saw "Lion King" on Broadway in NYC-- how I literally staggered with delight at the spectacle.  I've had the same experience in the audience at "Mystere" in Las Vegas.   I could name more.  The spectacle within recognizes the spectacle without.  This is ectasy.  To miss out on the ecstacy of this dazzling season is a shame.  The Chanukah candles, the Christmas lights, the joy of Light.  This is something to experience with enthusiasm --Think of gasping with delight as you applaud the eruptions of fireworks in a night sky -- but here's the thing:  nothing less spectacular lives within us.   Within us is an extravaganza of light far outshining any tree, billboard,  building, theatre, home or park.  We are living lights on hills.  In the One born in a manger, that's who we are. 
My website is updated.  Please check it out.  And be sure to order your copy of "The Room of Wisdom."  I always look forward to hearing from you.  A blessed lighted Christmas within to you, Beloved one.


  1. I am speechless at the wonders God is speaking into my heart this week. Words Can not describe what this post means to me.

    This morning as I was reading the 18th chapter of Psalms the following verse lit up on the page like a neon sign:

    "You,O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." verse 28

  2. I pray you are doing well, I love your blog. I keep looking for a new one! You are missed out here by little ol' me! :o) Thank you for always being such a blessing to me, you have no idea how many people you touch through this blog!

  3. Amen Dana!!! Marie is a wonderful mentor and I love her dearly...

  4. I have bought quite a few of Marie's teachings & they are so anointed, & I feel as if I am right there with her as I am listening to them. Keep up the good work, I love reading & listening to you, Marie. Almost 2 years ago I was in Italy, & my CD walkman stopped working & I couldn't listen to my praise & worship CD's or Marie's meditations, & I was feeling as if I was in a desert - but when I checked my e-mail, I had received one of your Prophetic Connections & I can't tell you how much it touched me,& lifted my spirits. God bless you Marie & your ministry, as your books & teachings have blessed me & many others. (Teresa Z - Australia)