Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Storm's end

The storm ended.  I contended and it ended.  The winds rested, the rains stopped.  (Our little town looks like it's been ransacked by wild animals, however- trees, fences, refuge hurled about-in the storm's
aftermath.)  -- I believe more than ever that we simply must activate the prayer authority God has given us in  Christ Jesus.  Thank God, He answered last night , and the storm ended.  (For now.)   I think of the storm last night as a metaphor for the hundreds and hundreds of personal storms my Power Encounter Intercessors and I pray over and contend for.  We see many mircles each week and we are constantly amazed and constantly humbled and awed, praising and thanking Him. 
Do you need to know how to stop a storm?

This last weekend we recorded a new meditation, THE ROOM OF WISDOM.  It will be available by the end of the week on my website, http://www.mariechapian.com/.  I think it's my favorite meditation in the series. 


  1. O' Marie, I can hardly wait to get your new "room of Wisdom" CD. For anyone out there who does not have Marie's "Room of" Cd's, I have to tell you that you are missing out. The "room of peace" was the first one that I purchased. I have the entire collection and listen to them often. These CD's are such a grand blessing in my life. Marie's voice is so soothing to listen to as she guides you into these rooms that are illuminated with His Holy presence.

    I love you Marie...

    His Delighted Servant

  2. I love you back, Shelli.
    Thank you for your kind words about my meditation series. They are immensely important to me personally because they are so intimate. As I am speaking the words of the Lord I not only hear and feel His holy breath, but I feel the breath of the one listening, as well-- and we're together in an amazing heavenly experience.
    As you so beautifully put it, we're in an illuminated place. Together. Thank you!